BellaCera Atrani 8 inch laminate flooringLaminate flooring has a layered construction for durability and comes in stylish designs that capture the looks and texture of a variety of flooring materials; wood, stone, and marble.

Laminate wood flooring tiles and planks are often constructed of as many as four layers of materials, that when fused together, create durable, beautiful floors.

  • The top or wear layer of each tile or plank is clear, and provides resistance to moisture, fading and staining.
  • The second or design layer is a high resolution, highly-detailed photographic image used to provide the look of the desired material: rich woods, stone, or marble.
  • The core of each piece of laminate flooring is composed of High-Density Fiberboard (HDF); wood fibers which have been fused with a durable resin. The HDF core is an engineered wood product that is hard, strong, and dense, to keep each laminate plank flat, stable, and moisture resistant.
  • At the base of each laminate floor tile or plank is a moisture barrier backing, to protect the installed flooring from warp caused by moisture.

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