New Birch Stair Treads for World Golf Village Home

Because a couple who are prior clients and homeowners in the World Golf Village community loved the engineered wood flooring that we had installed for them, they called us back for a new project.

Stained and finished new birch stair treads in placeThese clients wanted to improve their home by replacing the original stair treads with solid Birch stair treads. In addition, the clients wanted to have the new treads stained to match the wood flooring in their home.

This project involved installing 18 new solid birch stair treads. Some of the treads are very long. The stair treads range in size from the smallest, about 48″ long to the longer ones which are 60″ long to as much as 72″ long.

One of the signs of a well done stair tread installation is how tightly the treads fit to the skirt boards between the wall and the end of each stair tread. Dan’s Floor Store uses a precision jig that we built for making these cuts, to ensure each stair tread fits very tight to the skirt boards of the stairway.

For the bottom stair step, we filled out a frame that attached the subtread, to conform to the curved end of the bottom stair tread for the look that our clients wanted. Using some flexible riser material, we created a flawless look for the riser, including the curved surface of the step.

When Dan’s Floor Store installs and finishes new stair treads, or when we refinish existing stair treads, we pre-finish all of the treads to match the wood flooring prior to installing them. This approach ensures we won’t have any stain blotches / blemishes / over paint on the adjacent painted skirt board, and reduces some of the stain odor in the home. The stair case landings are usually the only portions of a stair case refinishing project that we have to sand, stain and finish in place.

The new birch stair treads turned out really beautiful! We stained them twice with Duraseal stain in Antique Brown. Then we finished the treads with three coats of Bona Mega Clear HD satin.

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