Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring Repair & Refinishing – St. Augustine, FL

Saltwater Cowboys, a popular barbecue and seafood restaurant in St. Augustine, Florida, called Dan’s Floor Store for a free consultation and estimate for repairing their wood floors.

Hurricane Matthew that came through our area in northeastern Florida in the fall of 2016 did a lot of damage to local homes and businesses, including Saltwater Cowboys.

During the storm, Saltwater Cowboys got inundated during hurricane Matthew which happened to many homes and businesses in areas of Saint Augustine close to the river or intracoastal waterway. And this restaurant is sitting directly on the intracoastal.

The flooring that was existing at the restaurant was reclaimed Heart Pine. The original reclaimed Heart Pine flooring planks were tongue and groove joints, 7 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/2 inches thick.

Only some of the original Heart Pine flooring was able to be reused with the full tongue and groove. The remainder of the original reclaimed Heart Pine flooring was ripped down into 6 inch wide boards. These ripped-down boards did not have any tongue and groove.

As a result of the hurricane damage, Saltwater Cowboys had to go through a massive restoration including a new subfloor, new joists, new decks and many other new items, but they were able to reuse at least some of their flooring.

Among the repairs to be able to open Saltwater Cowboys after the storm, the owners had to replace all of the beams underneath the building. Seeing an opportunity among so much damage and destruction, they re-used the old Heart Pine beams, having them milled and re-planed into 1 1/2 ” thick by nearly 10″ wide floor planks!

The method that we used for installing the planks of reclaimed Heart Pine flooring was to glue and nail all the flooring in place.

The reclaimed Heart Pine plank flooring of varied lengths and widths looks great installed.

For the rest of the information and photos about the sealing and finishing phase of this project, please see our article – Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring Sealing & Finishing – St. Augustine, FL

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