Red Oak Plank Flooring with Walnut Pegs – St. Augustine Install

This wood floor project was another one that resulted from flooding during hurricane Matthew, in the fall of 2016.

The project home is located in the Davis Shores community in St. Augustine, Florida. Behind the home is the waterfront of Mantanzas Bay. The home is sitting just across the water from Castillo de San Marco.

The homeowners called Dan’s Floor Store because they wanted to have the wood floors in their home restored to look like the Red Oak plank floors with Walnut pegs that they enjoyed having before the storm. The old wood floors had been water damaged by the hurricane and had to be removed.

We ordered solid, unfinished select Red Oak plank flooring in random widths from one of our sources. The 4″, 6″, and 8″ wide planks are 3/4″ thick.

The peg pattern in the old wooden floor was unique. We took measurements and made some drilling jigs to help us mimic the drill pattern for the 3/4″ holes we needed for installing the Walnut pegs in the new Red Oak flooring.

Our Dan’s Floor Store crew drilled all the peg holes in the Red Oak plank flooring.

Here are some photos taken as we installed the new solid Red Oak wood flooring.

Our Dan’s Floor Store wood flooring work complies with NWFA standards to provide beautiful results and long lasting wood floors for our clients. As an example, when installing solid wood flooring like we did in this project, it’s important to leave room for the wood to expand and contract. That’s why we install expansion joints (which you can see in some of the photos), using nickels between the boards every 10 feet to achieve adequate spacing.

After the flooring was installed, we waited over a month to allow the solid wood flooring to acclimate.

See the stained and finished Red Oak plank flooring with Walnut pegs in our concluding article on this project – Walnut-Pegged Red Oak Plank Flooring Install – Finish – St. Augustine.

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