Refinishing Fine Old Wood Floors in Historic Riverside

Refinished, beautiful solid hardwood floors in RiversideDan’s Floor Store was called to refinish the impressive old wood floors in one of the beautiful historic homes in the Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida.


This grand old house had some beautiful wood floors that just needed to be refinished to be enjoyed.

  • There are rift and quarter sawn solid White Oak flooring with Walnut feature strips in the common areas of the home.


  • The flooring to be refinished in the two bedrooms are of solid antique Heart Pine.

Showing how "Water Pop" darkens the effect of stain on the hardwood flooringAfter discussing the project with our clients, from our experience we concluded that for this job we would need to “pop” the grain of the wood with water prior to applying the stain.

This extra step allowed the stain to penetrate deeper, creating a deeper, darker tone.

This photo shows the same stain (dark walnut) on both samples, the darker one has been water popped which can definitely produce a deeper, darker color.



After sanding, these elegant solid hardwood floors were ready for staining and finishing. You can see the designs in the quartersawn solid White Oak hardwood flooring with rift-in Walnut feature strips better after sanding the floor, to prepare for refinishing.

During the coating and finishing part of the project, these elegant floors seem to shimmer.

The following photos show the beautiful results of professional refinishing on the old wood floors in this historic Riverside home. Durable, solid hardwood flooring that will last for years.

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