Refinishing Wood Floors for a Beach House Look

Stained and refinished Red Oak floor for the beach house lookFollowing one of our Free consultations about the condition of their floors and what the homeowners wanted to accomplish, Dan’s Floor Store was given the job of refinishing two wood floors in a home in Atlantic Beach, Florida.

The clients wanted to achieve more of a “beach house look” in their home. We could refinish their existing wood flooring as part of renovations to achieve this look.

They had some nice Red Oak flooring installed in one area of their home.

This is how the Red Oak floor looked, prior to staining and refinishing.

And this is how the Yellow Pine Kitchen floor looked, prior to staining and refinishing.

To get the “beach house look” that the clients’ wanted, we sanded the floors and then applied water to “pop” the grain of the wood (to allow the stain to penetrate deeper into the wood grain).

We stained the floors with a mixture of two parts white to one part classic gray. Then we applied the finishing coating of polyurethane to protect the wood floors so they will continue to look good for years.

The Red Oak floor, stained for the “beach house look” after refinishing.

The Yellow Pine Kitchen floor, stained for the “beach house look” after refinishing.

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