Screening and Recoating Wood Floors and Stairs in Epping Forest

Beautiful Wood Floor after screening and re-coatingDan’s Floor Store was called to an elegant two story home in Epping Forest, for one of our Free consultations. We were asked if their 2,300 square feet of wood flooring should be refinished or replaced.

After inspecting the floors with the clients, we recommended a process called Screening and Recoating, a refinishing procedure for wood flooring that helps it last even longer. Based on our recommendation, the client asked us to also refinish the stair treads, for a refreshed look through their home.

From our experience, the finish on most wood floors has been scuffed by normal use after 3 to 5 years. Our Screening and Re-coating process restores the finish to like new, to last another 3 to 5 years.

The “Screening” process sands the wood flooring with clog-resistant sanding disks, removing the wood floor finish without cutting into the wood itself. Most commonly, a wood floor with a polyurethane finish coating is an excellent candidate for screening, because the polyurethane creates a non-penetrating plastic coating that actually sits on top of the wood flooring. We see better results when we screen a wood floor with a finish that is worn, scratched or dull but the wood beneath is not stained or damaged.

This photo is of the wood flooring in an area of the home before Screening.

The same wood flooring area after Screening.

The same wood flooring area during the Coating process.

Several photos of the Screened and Recoated wood stairs and floors.

The Screened and Recoated wood floors looked great and our clients were very pleased to see the results. We enjoy helping clients save some money while extending the life of their wood flooring.

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