Refinished American Cherry flooring and stairs.

Cupped American Cherry Flooring in Fernandina

Dan’s Floor Store 904.887.8303 was contacted by one of our favorite real estate brokers to help their client with the floors in their newly purchased home. The home is situated right on the Amelia River, just across the water from Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island.

The existing flooring was American Cherry flooring and due to being solid in nature had a good amount of cupping (probably from lack of acclimating the flooring properly, prior to installation).

Solving the flooring cupping problem was the main reason we were selected for this job. No one likes to walk on a cupped floor.

Some of these before photos show the distinct, cupping pattern. Cupping happens when the bottom of the wood is wetter than the top of the wood. In this case, the American Cherry wood flooring which was put in didn’t have enough acclamation time went through the seasonal changes of Northeast Florida, i.e. the extreme humidity. We also refinished the stairway.

Needless to say, we took care of the cupping in the wood flooring by angling the floor by using rough sandpapers and our Lagler Hummel drum sanding machine. We also hand sanded the edges of the flooring. This method gets the flooring surface flat. as well as sanding the surface to prepare it for a new finish. It took 3 runs of paper with our Lagler Hummel drum sander, but our crew eliminated both the cupping and former carpet lines from an area rug had created on the flooring. The sanded wooden flooring and stair treads looked very, very beautiful!

Our crew finished these floors and stairs with three coats of waterborne finish with a satin topcoat Pallmann Clear for a seal coat, and final two coats of durable Pallman power satin.

The realtor and our clients told us they were impressed with how nice these American Cherry floors look now. Dan’s Floor Store always likes to have happy clients!

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