Cupped Wood Floor Refinishing Project in Mandarin

Severely cupped wood floor, before refinishingWe were asked to look at a wood floor in the Beauclerc community, in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville, Florida, that exhibited severe cupping. We took this photo of the client’s severly cupped floor, prior to refinishing.

A cupped wood floor occurs when flooring absorbs excessive moisture on the underside of the flooring planks, causing expansion and cupping, with the edges of the planks raised. Moisture can also cause wood flooring to exhibit a condition called crowning, in which the outer edges of the wood planks shrink and become lower than the middle of each plank. Dan’s Floor Store can refinish wood floors with either condition. A worn wood floor may be able to be refinished, and damaged wood floors can be repaired for beautiful results.

This was a prefinished aluminum oxide finished floor that was severely cupped. The repair areas (new wood) were filled in upon our arrival. Since the floor had a severe cup to it, we had to cross sand the floor a total of five times on alternating 45 degree angles to the grain of the wood, in order to achieve a flat floor surface.

We continued our refinishing process with rough and fine sanding (with the grain of the wood), then scraped corners and buffed, in preparation for a MinWax Golden Oak stain.


After the stain had dried, we applied 3 coats of polyurethane finish. Our client was very happy to see the results of our refinishing procedure.

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  1. Lea
    Lea says:

    I had seen floors that looked bumpy like this before, but didn’t know it was caused by moisture under the wood flooring or that the condition was called “cupping”. Good to know. Looks like you did a good job of refinishing these wood floors to be smooth and flat again.

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