Hand Scraped Birch Wood Flooring Installation – Odom’s Mill

Our Dan’s Floor Store crew works hard to do a good job on our residential and commercial flooring projects for each of our clients. Whether we are installing a new wood floor, repairing or refinishing a wood floor, or installing tile or stone, we work with our clients to make the project a good experience for them. It just makes good sense to treat others the way you want to be treated.

And we are thankful that many times our clients show their appreciation for our work on their flooring project by calling Dan’s Floor Store when they have another wood or tile flooring project. Many prior clients also recommend us to their friends and families.

A year or so ago, a couple who own a charming home in the Odom’s Mill community of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida contracted us to install wood flooring in rooms covering about 1250 square feet of their home. They said they really loved their new wood floors.

Recently they called on us to install some pre-finished, hand scraped Birch wood flooring that they had purchased to match their existing wood floors. This new project covered the floors in two more bedrooms of their charming home, and further increases the value of their home.

Dan’s Floor Store sells a wide variety of name brand wood flooring and tile, samples of which are on display in our Ponte Vedra Showroom. And, just like on this project, we will also install wood flooring that a client has purchased on their own.

When this project started, both bedroom floors were covered with carpet. We removed the carpet and leveled the concrete subfloor, so the wooden flooring would not be damaged by unevenness in the concrete surface.

You can see in these photos how the hand scraped Birch wood flooring that our clients picked looks great and matched beautifully with their existing wood flooring that we had previously installed.

Everyone was pleased with how good the newly installed wood flooring looks.

If you are thinking about new wood floors (whether solid wood, engineered wood, or laminate), or refinishing the wood flooring you have, give Dan’s Floor Store a call 904.887.8303 to make an appointment for a free consultation and estimate. If your next home improvement project involves tile or stone work, don’t forget that we professionally install those materials too.

Get the quality and the look you want, with friendly service and reasonable prices.

  • Visit our Ponte Vedra, Florida showroom.
  • Call Dan directly at (904) 887-8303.
  • Call the store at (904) 825-2311 to speak with our salesman or to make an appointment for a Free in-home consultation and estimate.
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