Refinishing Hickory Flooring – St. Augustine

Dan’s Floor Store is thankful to have been able to help many First Coast homeowners and businesses with wood floors that were water damaged during hurricane Matthew (which occurred in the fall of 2016). While not always the case, often the wood floors could be restored with repairs and refinishing. Dan’s Floor Store 904.887.8303 offers a free consultation and estimate for wood floor installations, repairs, refinishing, and for tile work.

Owner of a home situated on the marsh just west of the St. Augustine Amphitheater called us for a consultation on their water damaged wood floor. As a result of their wood floor being under water during the storm, we could see some slight cupping of their hickory wood floor.

We were happy to tell them that their hickory wood flooring did not need to be replaced, we could sand and refinish it to last for many more years of service. Refinishing Hickory flooring is certainly in our Dan’s Floor Store repertoire.

Their natural Hickory wood floors by Anderson had been prefinished with aluminum oxide. Aluminum oxide provides a very hard finish which does not sand off easily for refinishing; it ruins our sandpaper quickly. Some of the photos show how the finish turns white but is not fully removed after one rough cut of sandpaper. In all, we made three sanding cuts to remove the aluminum oxide from the Hickory flooring.

The homeowner chose an oil-modified polyurethane Bona Woodline satin to finish their floor. For Bona oil-based polyurethane, the procedure that we use to get best results is to only do one coat per day and abrade the floors between the coats. This process results in solid bonding and cleaner, smooth finish results.

Our customer was “over the moon” to be able to save/salvage their hickory wood flooring. And Dan’s Floor Store always likes to have happy clients!

Dan’s Floor Store repairs and refinishes existing wood flooring and installs new wood floors (solid wood, engineered wood, or laminate) for residential and commercial clients, to improve the looks of the floor and value of the property. Give us a call 904.887.8303 to make an appointment for a free consultation and estimate.

If your next improvement project involves tile or stone work, don’t forget that we professionally install those materials too.

Get the quality and the look you want, with friendly service and reasonable prices.

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