Red Oak Clear Grade Flooring – Refinishing and Installing – San Marco

A homeowner in the historic San Marco community in Jacksonville, Florida called Dan’s Floor Store 904.887.8303 for a free consultation and estimate. They needed to have their old Red Oak clear grade flooring stained and refinished.

They also needed wood flooring installed in an addition to their home. And they wanted the new wood flooring to blend with the refinished existing wood floors. They contracted Dan’s Floor Store to help them accomplish these home improvements.

For one part of this wood flooring project, we sanded and refinished 1600 square feet of existing Red Oak clear grade flooring in the home. The old Red Oak flooring was very cupped. Our crew had to approach the old wood floor at a 45° angle twice with the sander in order to flatten the flooring. Then we rough cut the flooring straight with the sander.

For the other part of this project, our Dan’s Floor Store crew was to install new Red Oak clear grade flooring in the addition to the home. Before we could begin to install the new wood flooring, our crew installed plywood with a moisture barrier over the concrete slab subfloor. We installed the plywood and moisture barrier to protect the new wood flooring from moisture and in compliance with the National Wood Flooring Association and American Plywood Association standards.

Package of Red Oak clear grade flooring.The species wood flooring for this project was Red Oak clear grade. Clear grade Red Oak wood flooring was used a lot in the 1950s.

These days, mostly select Red Oak wood flooring is used.

If you held select and clear grades of flooring side by side, you would quickly see the difference; Red Oak clear grade wood doesn’t have any knots in it.

We installed a header board between the old wood flooring and the new wood flooring that we would install in the addition. Our Dan’s Floor Store crew lined all of our new Red Oak clear grade flooring boards up to the existing wood flooring that merged with the header board. And used Woodwise Full Trowel Filler for small variations in the wood flooring planks.

To get the effect our client wanted, we used the refinishing technique of “popping” (opening up) the grain of the wood with water prior to applying the stain. This extra step allowed the stain to penetrate deeper, creating a deeper, darker tone. Then we applied Medium Brown stain by DuraSeal.

Next our Dan’s Floor Store crew applied Bona DriFast Sealer for our first coat of polyurethane on the stained wood flooring. Then we buffed the Sealer coat down and applied two coats of Bona Traffic HD extra matte.

We believe this is one of the best jobs we’ve done all year; this Red Oak wood flooring turned out absolutely beautiful! The homeowner was super super happy and Dan’s Floor Store likes having happy clients!

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