White Oak Character Grade Flooring Install – Palencia

Wire brushed white oak character grade wood flooring installedHome owners in Palencia Golf and Country Club community wanted to replace about 1,100 square feet of tile flooring in their home with White Oak Character Grade Flooring. So they contacted Dan’s Floor Store of Ponte Vedra 904.887.8303 for this home improvement project.

Our clients selected 9/16″ thick x 7 1/2″ wide wire brushed White Oak character grade wood flooring with a natural appearance, by Naturally Aged Flooring.

First we removed the existing tile flooring.  The concrete slab subfloor of the home required an immense amount of leveling (as we have found to be a usual necessity) after the tile removal was completed.

Dan’s Floor Store cares about our wood flooring installations. We want to make sure that the new wood flooring lays flat with no hollow spots beneath. Leveling will help the wood flooring last longer. And leveling also helps the wood flooring hold up well during future sanding (for refinishing). We take pride in all of our work so we routinely level all substrate prior to wood flooring installations like this. We finished this job by installing shoe molding, and thresholds at the doorways where the new wood flooring met the tiled and carpeted floors in adjacent rooms.

This tile flooring removal and oak wood flooring installation project took our Dan’s Floor Store crew about a week to complete.

Our clients are very pleased with their new White Oak Character grade flooring, and Dan’s Floor Store really likes having happy clients.

Professionally installed new wood floors (whether solid wood, engineered wood, or laminate), or refinished the wood flooring in your home or business office will improve its looks and value. Give Dan’s Floor Store a call 904.887.8303 to make an appointment for a free consultation and estimate.

If your next improvement project involves tile or stone work, don’t forget that we professionally install those materials too.

Get the quality and the look you want, with friendly service and reasonable prices.

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