Engineered Maple Flooring Replacing Tile – Palencia

Palencia Golf and Country Club community homeowners called Dan’s Floor Store for our free consultation and estimate. They wanted to replace 1600 square feet of tile flooring that had been originally installed in their home with wood flooring. Home improvements can often improve the value of a home, as well as make it more enjoyable for the owners.

Maple flooring installedOur clients chose an engineered maple flooring made by Mirage; 6 1/4″ X 1/2″called Maple Peppermint, it has a grey color and is a very beautiful flooring.

Mirage is one of the best brands of engineered wood flooring in the industry. It is FSC certified wood flooring. The FSC stamp is the hardest stamp to get on wood flooring, because FSC is the Forestry Stewardship Council. That means that all of the wood comprised in the Mirage engineering wood flooring is eco sound and compliant to the highest standards.

Our crew had a lot of floor tile to remove. We put plastic film over cabinets and appliances, to protect them during tile removal.

Then we leveled the concrete slab sub floor. A level surface helps wood flooring last longer.

After leveling the slab we also had to seal the concrete with Bostik’s MVP (Moisture Vapor Protection) prior to installation. Sealer was required because the slab had tile put on it before it was fully cured. Not letting the concrete slab cure before installing tile traps the moisture between slab and tile. Dan’s Floor Store understands how this trapped moisture can penetrate and damage new wood flooring. It is our practice to check every concrete slab for trapped moisture prior to installation.

With the sub floor leveled, the installation of the engineered maple flooring progressed smoothly.

Needless to say this maple flooring job turned out really beautiful! Our clients were very pleased with the new look that the maple wood floors gave their home. And Dan’s Floor Store likes having happy clients!

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